Ayurveda Pura's 100% Natural Exfoliating Cream is blended to balance the Pitta (fire & water) Dosha making it especially ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

It has nourishing Jojoba Oil and Essential Oils of Orange, Neroli and Rose it exfoliates dead skin, assists circulation and brings a healthy balance and glow to your complexion.

Skin-Radiance Exfoliating Cream: Re-Fresh Formula Pitta

  • Quantity - 50ml

    Ingredients - Manjistha, Neem, Essential oils of Orange, Neroli and Rose

    • 100% Pure Natural Ingredients
    • Handmade in the UK
    • Free of SLS
    • Free of Artificial Perfume
    • Free of Parabens & Petrochemicals
    • Free of Animal Products
    • Free of Animal Testing
    • Faithful to Ayurveda, the 5000 year old Indian holistic approach to health and beauty

    Skin Type - Normal / Sensitive